You should check to see if you qualify for BP Oil spill settlement money, it does not cost anything.

Much of the class action lawsuit that spawned the settlement agreement for affected businesses and individuals has not been resolved, but the window for business claims covered by the deal will close in April of next year.

Many businesses not located near the coast have failed to file claims because they assumed they would not qualify, and owners of such businesses should take a closer look at the terms of the settlement. It is recommended to at least do that, It doesn’t cost anything.

The BP Deepwater Horizon spill in April of 2010 dumped 5.9 million barrels of oil into the Gulf, more than 17 times the amount of crude that was spilled by the wreck of the Exxon Valdez tanker in 1989. In the lawsuit for which Juneau is administering claims Alabama, Louisiana, Florida, Texas and Mississippi sued BP and seven other defendants. Strange said it would be a mistake for the state to leave settlement money on the table in light of the severity of the disaster.

The entire coastline of Mississippi was covered in oil,” he said. There was tremendous damage done to the state of Mississippi.

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